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Spyware is a name that just sounds malicious.  This is good, as truth is advertising is always valuable.  

Spyware comes in many flavors.  Some will merely record what websites you visit and send that
information back to its origin, allowing those who created it to mine data on what websites get the same
traffic, allowing more efficient, targeted ads.
The Author is Patrick M. Kolla of www.safer-networking.org.
Others will attempt to record personal information such as website logins and passwords or credit card numbers.  If that wasn’t enough to make you concerned, these programs are active all of the time, and can act as system resource hogs, making the computer run slower and less efficiently.  I’ve seen systems double their apparent speed after being wiped and reloaded after a heavy infestation of malware was found.  

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Free Spybot of www.safer-networking.org. download today. There are things you can do to help protect your computer. The most obvious is to have protective software running to seek out and delete any spyware found.  Spybot Search and Destroy software is a free example. You want software that is automatically updated and that is from a reputable source.  

Those who create malware are inventive and prolific, and every day new examples show up to defeat.  If you have to manually update, the odds are you’ll get behind and grow out of the habit.  You want a
reputable source so you won’t find that some sources of malware are being ignored or not identified
due to lack of proper coverage of all known threats.  It isn’t paranoid to have more than one such
program running, on the theory that each will catch some spyware that the other might ignore.  

Another protective feature is simply to use caution in visiting websites.  Some are simply traps that will
try to load various examples of malware onto your computer, after luring you in by pretending to be a site
with some content you desire.  It is worth looking at the URL before visiting, and if the location seems
odd in some way, such as an English language site hosted on an Indonesian server to talk about
Regency era English furniture, you might want to consider looking elsewhere.  When you find you’ve hit
such a site, rapidly leave and anytime it asks you to load software to visit a site, refuse unless you know
the software is something you’ll want.  

Another often-overlooked protective mode is to operate your computer from a persona with limited
power.  That is, instead of giving your normal login full administrator powers, sign on as a user with
limited power to load software or make changes.  This can be inconvenient, but will occasionally prevent
the computer from automatically following instructions to load malware onto the computer.  

A prepared and careful computer user is one of the best lines of protection, sometimes being able to
spot when a computer changes behavior or begins to slow or otherwise show signs of something
wrong.  The next line of defense should be software to protect the system.  There is no good reason not
to have both lines of defense on every computer.  
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