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We’ve all seen annoying popup ads on our computers, and we’ve all seen stories of
innocent people fired or maligned for ads put on computers by adware without their
knowledge.  The question is, what is the nature of the problem and what can you do
about it?

There are antisocial hackers out there who find it entertaining to hurt and torment

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Despite what you might think, those are a small amount of people.  The profit
motive is more compelling to a greater quantity of people.  That is where adware and
spyware comes in.  Instead of inserting a virus onto your computer, those with a profit
motive can attempt to insert a file that will put advertisements onscreen instead, or one
that will track your data.  The adware is annoying, but unless on a public computer or a
child’s computer, isn’t actually dangerous.  Spyware is more insidious.  It can hide on a
system and never let you know it is recording where you visit, what you do and even
what numbers you insert into websites, such as logins, passwords or even credit card
numbers.  Some of the more subtle are built into programs intended to make computer
use friendlier, such as animated cursors, little characters that will occasionally step onto
the screen and interact with you or that provide convenient hotlinks to favored sites.  
They just don’t tell you that you are also putting something on your computer to dump
advertisements on you or that record your information and send it back to

There are several programs available to combat these.  We’ll look at Spybot Search
and Destroy.  This is a free program, featuring a great deal of configurability.  One of
the tricks found in malware is using the registry to hide instructions that the computer
will automatically run, even for such things as reloading the offending software after you
remove it.  Spybot will excise these from the registry.  However, some software imbeds
into programs you actually want, and this cleanup can disable programs you intend to
keep.  Spybot includes a recovery option that will show you a list of programs cleaned
up, and allow you to specify those you wish to restore to operation.  You can also use
the scheduling tool to provide scans when they best fit your schedule, from daily scans
to less often, at times you expect not to be using your computer.  Another useful option
involves cookies.  Computers use cookies to record information for websites.  Some of
these are useful and helpful to you, while others are useful and helpful only to those
running the sites.  Spybot allows you to specify which cookies you like, and spybot will
ignore those in future scans.  

Spybot also has a built in tutorial and automatic updates.  Spybot is built to be equally
useful to power users who know exactly what they want and are willing to accept and
those who are just starting out and only know they don’t want anything described as
malware on their systems.  Also you can
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