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Before You Start, Run Your Spyware Remover if you have not downloaded your
Spyware remover yet go to the E-mail I sent you to get the Discount before the deal is
over or use this link:
Download Now, and make Sure You Have Staged The Restore
that says "Before Registry Cleaned" as Explained In your
last E-mail from me.

Then you can Go to to start and follow the instructions on how to load
this download file..... How To do the entire Program Is Listed Below with a Short Video.
Watch the Video To Use CCleaner
To Back Your Registry Up Just Use Something That you can
remember and you will only have to back your registry up once,
even though it will try to do this each time...
At this Point if you still have junk files on your Windows then do
this process again untill it is gone........

Be sure to look for the Next Lessons to Finish this Process Of
Destroying the Irritating issues that slows your PC Down Tomorrow.
Download Spybot Remover Now!
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