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Spyware is similar to a Trojan horse in that users unwittingly install the product when they install
something else.Spyware can steal your credit card numbers and passwords.Switch your home
page, or re-direct your web searches to unwanted sites. Display annoying ads, slow your PC to
a crawl, or even control it remotely.
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For 2013 You want to be protected so get your free scan Below!  one of the
top leading Spyware Remover available today.
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Bottom Line - What's the Best Way to Eliminate Spyware, Adware and Malware?
Use a good Spyware/Adware/Malware remover such as the ones presented below.  Using one that is at
least moderately popular is a good idea because it has been tested and used by many users.  Each of the
sites selected here fall into that category, although Spywarestop and NoAdware are the most popular.  
Spywarebot detects the widest variety of threats, while NoAdware is the easiest to use.  Spywarestop has a
very high satisfaction rate and gets the nod as our top choice.
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Spyware and adware are software that collect your personal information without you knowing about it. These software come bundled in
free software such as download managers, file sharing software, multiple search engine query software, music players, and other
software,some of which you would have surely downloaded and would be using as of now.

Spyware and malware, apart from recording from recording your personal information, slow down your system; keyloggers are used to
steal passwords, credit card numbers and the like, and hijacker software are used to take control of your computer. If threats like these
are left unattended, they can cause havoc in your life (imagine your credit card information getting stolen; imagine someone grabbing
your Yahoo mail password and then sending out malicious mails to all your contacts – the whole scenario is frightening!)

Spybot Search and Destroy (popularly known as just Spybot or www.spybot.com or Spybot S & D) is a Free Spybot software that can
track down and remove spyware and adware that have been installed on your system without your knowledge. Here are some of the
important features of this useful software:

WWW.Spybot.Com or Spybot  S & D is a free Spybot to use and if you're a kind of guy who doesn't take for free, then you can always
make donation to Spybit's maker on this page: http://www.safer-networking.org/en/download/ or www.spybot.com.

2.        You can start Spybot ( www.spybot.com ) in the easy mode, which is recommended for beginners, or the advanced mode, which is
ideal for hardcore geeks. The only difference between these two is that if you use the easy interface, you cannot automate the settings
and apply skins or change the user interface to your liking.

3.        Sptbot tracks down and busts adware, spyware, malware, dialers, keyloggers, and Trojans. Download it, install it and then run it,
it's that easy to use.

Spybot Download  updates its spyware database regularly and if you work with Spybot, you need to check for updates on a daily
basis. When you hit the "Update" button, remember to check the detection rules for all the baddies (Trojans, malware, hijackers,
keyloggers, etc.) – remember, it helps to keep your Spybot updated. You will be surprised to know that as on March 2007, Spybot's
database has about 61,500 known baddies!

5.        Malware publishers plant their software into unprotected computer ports by using the holes in Internet Explorer. There's good news
though: Spybots can now permanently block malicious downloads by Internet Explorer and also by Opera. You can use this feature by
activating the "Immunize" feature in Spybot which blocks spyware and ActiveX controls from being installed on your system without you
knowing about it.

6.        When you run a check,
Spybots will scan your computer and display the threats in the main window. Malicious software will be
displayed in red, and to delete the spyware all you have to do is check the corresponding box and click on the "Fix Selected Problems"
buttons which you will see on the interface.

7.        If you're sharing your computer with other users then you can clean usage tracks with
Spybot Downloads and no one will be able to
see what you have been working on.

8.        Speaking of the Spybot's interface – it is really simple to understand even by a child. The main navigation is on the left and all the
main buttons are located in easy to view places.

Spybot is free and is just 5 MB in size, but it does help protect your private data from hackers and spies. Go for it and get protection for
your computer.
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For 2013 You want to be protected so get your free scan Below!  one of the
top leading Spyware Remover available today.
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