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WWW.Spybot.Com stops Malware, Malware is a combination of two terms: malicious and
software; it represents any software that can get into a computer system stealthily to either
damage the system or to steal data from the system
and pass it to the person/s who planted the malware.

On one hand, malware may include the harmless adware, which is used to monitor a web
user's surfing habits for the purpose of serving ads to him; and on the other extreme, malware
can include the dangerous keyloggers, which are planted on a computer for gathering
sensitive data such as passwords, credit card numbers and bank account numbers.

Here is a look into what kind of malicious software goes to make up the term malware:

1.        Adware/Spyware: Adware and spyware programs are normally bundled with some free
software that you download from the Internet such as download managers, music players, etc.

These software plant a tracking cookie in your system that sends the software company
information about your surfing habits. Using such information, these companies then serve
ads on their free software.

2.        Keyloggers: This is kind of Trojan software that is stealthily planted into a computer by
hackers who send them into computers through holes in computer ports. Once a keylogger
gets into a system, it logs every key that is hammered on your keyboard, collects the data and
mails it at set intervals to the hacker who planted it. Keyloggers are used to steal passwords,
credit card
numbers, bank account details, etc.

Spybot Search and Destroy is one of the top spybot spyware programs online today, It is fast and easy to use not to mention it is free. It will help you detect any spywares on your computer and have you delete them. Trojans: Trojans are harmful programs and are usually sent via email; they require you to click on them to activate them. You would have received mails from unknown parties asking
you to click to see a provocative or interesting image or video – if you have done so, then chances are that there's a Trojan on your system. Trojans bear extensions such as .exe, .com,
.bat, .scr, or .pif.

Once installed, Trojans can erase data, send emails from your computer, allow a hacker to
control your computer, spy on you, record your keystrokes and do everything else to mess up
your virtual life.

4.        Viruses/Worms: Viruses normally get into your computer and begin sharing your system
resources, slowing down your computer – plus, they also spread by emailing themselves to all
your contacts. Apart from this, they may create some other mischief too.

Now, you will feel that if you have a good anti-virus program, you will be able to able to flush
out malware in your system. Well, you couldn't be more wrong! Many times even the best anti-
virus programs miss detecting malware and you need a good anti-malware program to track
these babies down and get them out.
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